Mirror Sites

T10 mirror site at T11.org

There is a mirror of the www.t10.org site at: www.t11.org/t10. (The T11 web site will ask you for your T11 member login information.)

Setting up a Personal Mirror Site of www.t10.org

If you would like to create a personal mirror site of the www.t10.org web site, there are four files on ftp.t10.org that should help:

  • ftp://t10mirror:*password*@ftp.t10.org/t10html.zip This is a starter kit of the T10 html files. You should only need this file once while you are setting up your personal mirror site.
  • ftp://t10mirror:*password*@ftp.t10.org/t10day.zip This file is updated daily shortly after midnight Mountain Time. It contains any changes in the last day.
  • ftp://t10mirror:*password*@ftp.t10.org/t10week.zip This file is updated daily shortly after midnight Mountain Time. It contains any changes in the last 7 days.
  • ftp://t10mirror:*password*@ftp.t10.org/t10mon.zip This file is updated daily shortly after midnight Mountain Time. It contains any changes in the last 31 days.

NOTE: Replace the string *password* in the above URLS with the current t10mirror password. If you are a T10 member, you can have this password emailed to you using this link.

To set up your personal mirror site, create an empty directory somewhere on your machine. My examples show using the C:\T10 directory, but you may use any convenient directory. Unzip the t10html.zip file in this directory, allowing your unzip program to create subdirectories. For example, using PKZIPC version 4.00:

C:\T10> PKZIPC extr=all -dir -over=all t10html.zip

(The -dir option allows PKZIPC to create subdirectories and the -over=all option allows it to overwrite existing files -- there shouldn't be any at this point!)

You will probably also want to initially extract the t10month.zip file here too:

C:\T10> PKZIPC extr=all -dir -over=all t10mon.zip

Now you'll need to remember to download one of the t10day.zip, t10week.zip, or t10mon.zip files daily, weekly, or monthly and unzip it in this directory. Or you can set up a scheduled task to automate this process. More on this below...

Open the index.html file using your web browser. You will find a subset of the full www.t10.org site. Please note that the html files provide links to files older than 31 days. In fact, links are provided to all T10 files back to 1994. If you want to access these older files on your personal mirror site, you will need to download them from the t10member ftp site.

Starting in October 2003, the T10 monthly zip file is archived on the first day of each month with a file name like t10mon_2003_10.zip. (Careful: The filename implies that it contains the files for October 2003, but it really contains the files for the previous 31 days.)

Automatic Updates

There are many ways to automate downloading the zip files and unzipping them to keep your personal mirror site up to date. One way is to use Windows character mode ftp client and PKZIPC 4.00 in a batch file. You'll need to create two plain text files (included in the t10html.zip file):


open ftp.t10.org
user t10mirror *password*
get t10day.zip


cd \t10
ftp -v -n -s:gett10.ftp
pkzipc -extr=all -dir -over=all t10day.zip

Replace *password* with the current t10mirror password. I've assumed that you have put these two files in the C:\T10 directory. If not, you may need to edit them slightly. I've also assumed that you want to do daily updates; if not, use t10week.zip for weekly updates and t10mon.zip for monthly updates. (I get the t10week.zip file daily--this way if my script fails to run occasionally, I do not lose anything.)

Now use Windows Scheduled Task facility to run this batch file daily, weekly, or monthly, as appropriate. On Windows XP, it is in the Control Panel (Start, Settings, Control Panel, Scheduled Tasks, Add Scheduled Task). You should run this scheduled some time after 12:30 am Mountain Time (2:30 am Eastern Time).

Bookmark C:\T10\index.htm in your web browser; You'll have a personal copy of the www.t10.org web site on your PC.

(This page was last updated 2015/11/05)