1994 T10 Mailing #1

Announce Description File Type
and Size
jbl9401 Memorandum from the Chairman PDF (9829)
sy9401 Table of Contents PDF (n/a)
ann-m002 Next Meeting Notice PDF (3756)
ann-m003 Subsequent Meeting Notice PDF (46865)
map-m002 Meeting Map PDF (4022)

Description Author File Type
and Size
94-002r0 X3T10 Project Status Summary J. Lohmeyer PDF (5672)
94-003r0 Draft Agenda for X3T10 Meeting - Mar '94 J. Lohmeyer PDF (4487)
94-010r0 Minutes of Raid Study Group -12/93 G. Penokie PDF (12593)
94-011r0 Minutes of Raid Study Group - 1/94 G. Penokie PDF (18062)
94-012r0 Minutes of ATA Working Group - 1/94 Lamers/Finch PDF (13509)
94-013r0 Minutes of General Working Group - Jan '94 Lamers/Lohmeyer PDF (14285)
94-014r0 Response to Comments for FCP R. Snively PDF (44403)
94-015r0 Minutes of CAM Working Group -1/'94 R. Weber PDF (7700)
94-016r1 Minutes of X3T10 Plenary Meeting #1 Lamers/Lohmeyer PDF (68522)
94-017r0 Minutes of X3T10.1 Plenary Meeting # J. Scheible PDF (120596)
94-018r0 Placing the Processor Device Commands in SPC R. Weber PDF (3676)
94-019r0 Project Proposal ATA3-PH Standard S. Finch PDF (10639)
94-020r0 Project Proposal for ATA3-XPT Standard S. Finch PDF (10670)
94-021r0 Project Proposal for ATA3-PI Standard S. Finch PDF (10538)
94-022r0 Project Proposal for ATA3-BC Standard S. Finch PDF (10498)
94-023r0 Ultra-SCSI Update 1 B. Ham PDF (243256)
94-024r0 Error Handling for SCSI Controllers D. Hagerman PDF (8105)
94-025r0 Additional Device Models D. Hagerman PDF (16330)
94-026r0 Comments on SDA States D. Hagerman PDF (7826)
94-027r0 Proposal for Data CRC across the Cable R. Kalish PDF (81479)
94-028r0 Summary of Proposed Responses to Comments on SAM, revision 12 C. Monia PDF (1954979)
94-029r0 Summary of Proposed SAM responses for Working Group Discussion C. Monia PDF (329074)
94-030r0 Key Issues from Review of SAM, Revision 12 C. Monia PDF (25479)
94-031r0 SCSI Logical Unit Addressing G. Penokie PDF (18894)
94-032r0 Message Handling G. Houlder PDF (7402)
94-033r0 Fibre Channel Icon Proposal R. Parekh PDF (42542)
94-034r0 Presentation on X3 Procedures OMC PDF (1547889)
94-035r0 Project Proposal for SCSI-3 Controller Commands Standard D. Hagerman PDF (26648)
94-036r0 Project Proposal for Multi-Media Command Set Standard Lohmeyer/Harris PDF (27841)
94-037r0 Liaison Report from P1285 - 1/94 D. Pak PDF (5056)
94-038r0 Proposed changes to SPI P. Aloisi PDF (6288)
94-039r0 Call for Volunteers - X3T10 D. Arnold PDF (323013)
94-040r0 SCSI Disk Array Model G. Penokie PDF (975748)
94-041r0 SDA States and Types G. Penokie PDF (23224)
94-042r0 SDA Commands & Mode Pages G. Penokie PDF (13255)
94-043r0 Results of 1/11/94 SAM WG Review C. Monia PDF (37825)
94-044r0 Letter Ballot on FCP J. Lohmeyer PDF (14228)

Description Rev PL / Editor File Size
AT Attachment Extensions - 2 (ATA2) 02 Steve Finch PDF (2929789)
Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) 08 Bob Snively PDF (1272164)