1994 T10 Mailing #3

Announce Description File Type
and Size
jbl9403 Memorandum from the Chairman PDF (9917)
sy9403 Table of Contents PDF (n/a)
ann-m004 Next Meeting Notice PDF (39694)
ann-m005 Subsequent Meeting Notice PDF (30044)
map-m004 Meeting Map PDF (4325)

Description Author File Type
and Size
94-002r2 X3T10 Project Status Summary J. Lohmeyer PDF (5924)
94-005r0 Draft Agenda for X3T10 Meeting - July '94 J. Lohmeyer PDF (4903)
94-009r0 Jeopardy Letter - Attendance July '94 J. Lohmeyer PDF (11066)
94-009r1 Jeopardy Letter - Letter Ballots J. Lohmeyer PDF (9707)
94-038r3 SCSI-3 SPI Issues P. Aloisi PDF (47937)
94-040r5 SCSI Disk Array Model G. Penokie PDF (325626)
94-041r5 SDA States and Types G. Penokie PDF (35655)
94-042r5 SDA Commands & Mode Pages G. Penokie PDF (202325)
94-060r2 Project Proposal for Fast-20 SCSI-3 Parallel Interface Standard Ham/Lohmeyer PDF (12421)
94-061r5 Fast-20 SCSI Proposal Lamers/Lohmeyer/Ham PDF (583876)
94-067r1 Data Recovery on Deferred Errors G. Houlder PDF (34161)
94-071r0 SCSI Cable Variations for SFF Consideration R. Gannon PDF (178581)
94-100r0 Minutes of RAID Study Group - 4/94 G. Penokie PDF (17114)
94-101r0 Minutes of ATA Working Group - 3/30/94 R. Shergill PDF (133930)
94-102r0 Minutes of ATA Working Group - 4/30/94 R. Shergill PDF (150991)
94-103r1 Proposed Implementor's Note for FAST-20 Node Capacitance V. Novak PDF (22239)
94-104r1 Downloading Microcode using WRITE BUFFER K. Cummings PDF (241915)
94-105r0 Key Issues in SPC R. Weber PDF (5561)
94-106r0 RESERVE & RELEASE issues in SPC R. Weber PDF (360917)
94-107r0 Minutes of SCSI General Working Group - May 19, 1994 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (28791)
94-108r0 Minutes of RAID Study Group - 5/94 G. Penokie PDF (15817)
94-109r1 Response to Comments on FCP Letter Ballot R. Snively PDF (1461706)
94-110r0 Scanner Window Descriptor Bytes Proposal Motoyama/Weber PDF (5106)
94-111r0 XOR Commands on SCSI Disk Drives G. Houlder PDF (646640)
94-112r0 Proposed Responses to LB comments on SAM rev 13 C. Monia PDF (571907)
94-113r1 AIIM C21 Liason Report F. Podio PDF (440133)
94-114r0 Minutes of ATA Working Group - 5/19/94 Lamers/Finch PDF (16053)
94-115r0 Comments on ATA Revision 2c J. Geldman PDF (13656)
94-116r0 Fast 360 SCSI Single Ended B. Ham PDF (2563449)
94-117r0 SBP Forwarding Letter Ballot Comments J. Lohmeyer PDF (14860)
94-118r0 SAM Forwarding Letter Ballot Comments J. Lohmeyer PDF (33597)
94-119r0 FAST-20 Project Proposal Letter Ballot Comments J. Lohmeyer PDF (9634)
94-120r0 ATA-3 Project Proposals Letter Ballot Comments J. Lohmeyer PDF (27202)
94-121r0 ISO Standards D. Allan PDF (85561)
94-122r0 Invoice for SPI S. Smith PDF (13107)
94-123r0 Minutes of X3T10 Plenary Meeting #3 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (108017)
94-124r0 Letter Ballot on GPP Project Proposal for Technical Report J. Lohmeyer PDF (20968)
94-125r0 Security Command Patent Policy Letter from IBM D. Bensimon PDF (34798)
94-126r0 Acceptance of Public Review Comment #1 on SPI J. Lohmeyer PDF (8714)
94-127r0 Reaffirmation of ESDI J. Lohmeyer PDF (21366)
94-128r0 Enahanced READ BUFFER Command for Tape T. Lappin PDF (124204)
94-129r1 Comment Resolution on SAM C. Monia PDF (641049)
94-130r0 Proposal for for Control Mechanism for Reserved Handling J. Lohmeyer PDF (7093)
94-131r0 Minutes of FAST-20 Study Group - 6/2/94 Lamers/Lohmeyer PDF (13258)
94-132r0 Letter to ECMA on processing standards D. Allan PDF (96662)
94-133r0 Proposed SCAM Changes Gardner, Lamers, & Lohmeyer PDF (6612)
94-134r0 Permission to reproduce P1394 draft document for T10 Mailing M. Greene PDF (4744)
94-135r0 SBP Letter Ballot Comment Resolution J. Marazas PDF (246059)
94-136r0 Minutes of CAM Working Group- 5/94 B. Dallas PDF (10819)
94-137r0 READ POSITION Command for SSC E. Lappin PDF (147129)

Description Rev PL / Editor File Size
AT Attachment Extensions - 2 (ATA2) 02c Steve Finch PDF (2967202)
SCSI-2 Common Access Method Transport and SCSI Interface Module (CAM) 07 Bill Dallas PDF (563745)
Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) 08b Bob Snively PDF (1466916)
Serial Bus Protocol (SBP) 17 Ron Roberts PDF (233054)
SCSI-3 Primary Commands (SPC) 00 Ralph Weber PDF (208223)