1995 T10 Mailing #6

Announce Description File Type
and Size
jbl9506 Memorandum from the Chairman PDF (6117)
sy9506 Table of Contents PDF (n/a)
ann-m013 Next Meeting Notice PDF (3211)
ann-m014 Subsequent Meeting Notice PDF (3457)
map-m013 Meeting Map PDF (6819)

Description Author File Type
and Size
94-198r3 X3T10 standards development policy & procedure G. Milligan PDF (98248)
95-040r0 Agenda for X3T10 Meeting #13 (Jan '96) J. Lohmeyer PDF (4432)
95-041r1 X3T10 Project Summary - November '95 J. Lohmeyer PDF (6200)
95-042r0 Jeopardy letter for Jan '96 meeting J. Lohmeyer PDF (8809)
95-043r0 Letter to Gassan Salman (IEEE) requesting OUID for X3T10 J. Lohmeyer PDF (5194)
95-044r0 Letter ballot on forwarding ATA-3 to 1PR J. Lohmeyer PDF (25877)
95-045r0 Letter ballot on forwarding SIP to 1PR J. Lohmeyer PDF (25889)
95-046r0 Notification of your terminated members JP Emard PDF (3602)
95-047r0 Ltr to Jean-Paul Emard re fairness of IPF Fees J. Lohmeyer PDF (7689)
95-240r2 Device Identification Page Proposal J. Lohmeyer PDF (19190)
95-258r4 ATA Overlap Proposal P. McLean PDF (69045)
95-260r2 Set Capacity Proposal G. Houlder PDF (10184)
95-269r6 SCSI SPI-2 Low Voltage Differential P. Aloisi PDF (90305)
95-308r0 Fast 40 Proposal D. McCall PDF (69043)
95-321r2 PC Boot Considerations > 8 GB D. Penman PDF (21137)
95-322r0 Persistant Reserve Presentation R. Snively PDF (16232)
95-333r1 Project Proposal for SCSI-3 Archtecture Model - 2 (SAM-2) C. Monia PDF (13086)
95-336r0 Cross-talk testing T. Spitler PDF (208324)
95-337r0 Minutes of SPI-2 Working Group - 10/13/95 J. Lohmeyer PDF (15954)
95-338r0 Minutes of ATA Working Group - 10/17-19/95 Lamers/Milligan PDF (22219)
95-340r1 Minutes of SPI-2 Study Group - 11/95 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (18525)
95-341r0 Minutes of EPI Study Group - 11/95 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (9943)
95-342r1 Minutes of SCSI Working Group - 11/95 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (24882)
95-343r2 Minutes of X3T10 Plenary Meeting #12 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (107161)
95-344r1 Change to SCSI-3 ASC G. Penokie PDF (2019)
95-345r1 Additional SCSI Qualifiers G. Penokie PDF (2483)
95-346r0 LVDS Common Mode Specifications F. Gasparik PDF (304299)
95-348r0 FCP-2 Disconnect-Reconnect Page E. Gardner PDF (7720)
95-349r0 Version Control in SCSI G. Milligan PDF (32181)
95-350r0 Minutes of MMC Working Group - 11/95 R. Roberts PDF (8095)
95-351r1 Aborting Untagged Tasks C. Monia PDF (2289)
95-352r0 Out of Order Command Execution C. Monia PDF (3188)
95-353r1 Protected Persistent Reservation L. Sloan PDF (21074)
95-355r0 Immediate Bit validation with FOV G. Houlder PDF (2726)
95-356r0 SPI Defects and Clarifications L. Lamers PDF (72808)
95-357r0 SCSI-3 Fault Tolerant Controller Confguration S. Sicola PDF (28606)
95-358r0 Presentation on Controller Failover Profile S. Sicola PDF (63140)
95-359r0 Minutes of SCC Working Group - 11/95 T. Lappin PDF (8704)
95-360r0 OUI Management Proposal J. Lohmeyer PDF (9359)
95-361r0 Submitting Documents Electronically L. Lamers PDF (2912)
95-362r0 SPI-2 Status Report P. Aloisi PDF (11040)
95-363r0 Terminator Mismatch Problem D. Uber PDF (19986)
95-364r0 Proposal to Change SPC Status From Working Draft to Draft Standard C. Monia PDF (2543)
95-365r0 IPF Fees D. Allan PDF (6347)

Description Rev PL / Editor File Size
AT Attachment Extensions - 2 (ATA2) 04 Steve Finch PDF (1431169)
AT Attachment - 3 (ATA3) 06 Pete McLean PDF (776891)
AT Attachment Packet Interface (ATAPI) 02 Tom Hanan PDF (418671)
Serial Bus Protocol (SBP) 22 Ron Roberts PDF (231287)
SCSI-3 Interlocked Protocol (SIP) 08 George Penokie PDF (1105759)
SCSI Parallel Interface - 2 (SPI2) 03a Bill Ham PDF (234510)