1996 T10 Mailing #3

Announce Description File Type
and Size
jbl9603 Memorandum from the Chairman PDF (139338)
sy9603 Table of Contents PDF (n/a)
ann-m016 Next Meeting Notice PDF (245542)
ann-m017 Subsequent Meeting Notice PDF (30826)
map-m016 Meeting Map PDF (903249)

Description Author File Type
and Size
95-146r2 T10 Electronic Procedures Lamers/Lohmeyer PDF (5479)
96-022r0 Agenda for X3T10 Meeting #15 (July '96) J. Lohmeyer PDF (137711)
96-023r0 X3T10 Project Summary - May '96 J. Lohmeyer PDF (5923)
96-024r0 Jeopardy letter for July '96 meeting J. Lohmeyer PDF (435443)
96-025r0 X3T10 Annual Report (April 1995 -- March 1996) J. Lohmeyer PDF (155006)
96-137r0 Quotation on Technical Report for > 8GB P. Kornitsky PDF (58612)
96-138r0 Quotation on SPI ISO Version T. Heinzmann PDF (140893)
96-140r2 Clarification of sleep mode G. Penokie PDF (159451)
96-152r0 Project Proposal for SCC-2 Standard Lohmeyer/Penokie PDF (120214)
96-155r0 Log Page 0Ch K. Hallam PDF (226353)
96-156r0 Tape Support on FC-AL D. Hagerman PDF (14458)
96-157r0 Minutes of SPI-2 Working Group - 4/96 Lamers/Lohmeyer PDF (549124)
96-158r0 Release Glitches J. Lohmeyer PDF (137714)
96-159r0 LVD Fast 40 REQ/ACK Test Results with Symmetrical Drivers and Terminato B. Ham PDF (339447)
96-160r0 Presentation on LVD glitch windows S. Krakirian PDF (17534)
96-161r0 LVD Driver Proposal R. Moore PDF (391201)
96-162r1 Clarification of when parity is valid (SPI-2). G. Penokie PDF (88733)
96-164r0 SCC-2 Proposals G. Penokie PDF (88812)
96-165r1 Minutes of SCC Working Group - 5/96 G. Penokie PDF (95048)
96-166r2 Minutes of SPI-2 Working Group - 5/96 Lohmeyer/Ham PDF (864050)
96-167r1 Minutes of SCSI Working Group - 05/96 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (949540)
96-168r1 Minutes of X3T10 Plenary Meeting #15 - 5/96 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (142369)
96-169r0 Proposed Changes for SAM-2 C. Monia PDF (17271)
96-170r0 Simple Task Management P. Johanson PDF (204238)
96-171r0 Change Action for Zero in programmable Capacity Feature G. Houlder PDF (159601)
96-172r0 Fairness Algorithm G. Penokie PDF (542137)
96-173r1 Expanding the ACA Mechanism to All Command Exceptions C. Monia PDF (16225)
96-174r0 Minutes of SMC/SSC Working Group - 5/96 T. Lappin PDF (319800)
96-177r0 Minutes of CAM-3 Working Group - 5/96 B. Dallas PDF (90927)
96-178r0 SSC - SET CAPACITY Command G. Stephens PDF (189113)
96-179r0 Additional Write Protect functions for SCC G. Stephens PDF (203314)
96-180r0 SSC READ REVERSE command byte order selection G. Stephens PDF (183817)
96-181r0 SSC Progress Indication Using REQUEST SENSE Polling G. Stephens PDF (187649)
96-182r0 SPC Test Unit Ready and Defferred Error Reporting G. Stephens PDF (178964)
96-183r0 SBC Mandatory Commands and the PLDA Profile G. Stephens PDF (178882)
96-184r0 Minutes of MMC Working Group - 5/96 R. Roberts PDF (141925)
96-186r0 Security Initialization Proposal for SBC Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (2751)

Description Rev PL / Editor File Size
Boot Considerations for Devices Greater than 8 GB 01 Penman/Lamers PDF (192713)
SCSI-3 Multimedia Commands (MMC) 07 Ron Roberts PDF (1264603)
SCSI-3 Block Commands (SBC) 04 Gene Milligan PDF (622295)
SCSI-3 Controller Commands (SCC) 06a George Penokie PDF (777012)
SCSI-3 Primary Commands (SPC) 09b Ralph Weber PDF (1923695)
SCSI-3 Parallel Interface Amendment (SPI Amnd) 00 Johansson/ Lamers PDF (470723)
SCSI Parallel Interface - 2 (SPI2) 07 Bill Ham PDF (805934)