1997 T10 Mailing #2

Announce Description File Type
and Size
jbl9702 Memorandum from the Chairman PDF (44270)
sy9702 Table of Contents PDF (n/a)
ann-m021 Next Meeting Notice PDF (43957)
ann-m022 Subsequent Meeting Notice PDF (291722)
map-m021 Meeting Map PDF (10250)

Description Author File Type
and Size
96-195r4 Add Mode Page for fibre channel features G. Houlder PDF (11826)
96-245r2 SCSI Single-ended Termination for SPI-2 D. Wallace PDF (18788)
96-270r2 LUN response to transceiver change G. Penokie PDF (5903)
96-277r2 Proposed Change in QErr=1 Behavior for SPC-2 R. Weber PDF (11433)
97-007r1 Second Call for Volunteers - Chairman T10 J. Garner PDF (4115)
97-008r0 Agenda for X3T10 Meeting #21 (May '97) J. Lohmeyer PDF (28263)
97-009r1 T10 Project Summary - Mar '97 J. Lohmeyer PDF (13020)
97-010r0 Jeopardy letter for May '97 meeting J. Lohmeyer PDF (67178)
97-011r0 Results of T10/96-046 Letter Ballot on forwarding SSA-PH2 to 1PR J. Lohmeyer PDF (11626)
97-012r0 Results of T10/96-047 Letter Ballot on forwarding SSA-TL2 to 1PR J. Lohmeyer PDF (18792)
97-013r0 Results of T10/96-048 Letter Ballot on forwarding SSA-S3P to 1PR J. Lohmeyer PDF (13918)
97-014r0 Response to Public Review Comment #1 on X3.304 (MMC) (see 97-127) J. Lohmeyer PDF (36520)
97-015r0 Letter Ballot on forwarding SSC to 1PR J. Lohmeyer PDF (7159)
97-116r0 Bus Set Delay for Domain Expanders B. Ham PDF (32578)
97-128r2 Transport Status for SBP-2 P. Johansson PDF (75897)
97-129r2 Project Proposal for SCSI Socket/SSL Services (SSS) Command Set Keith W. Parker PDF (51038)
97-130r0 Letter Ballot Comment Resolution on SSA-PH2 J. Scheible PDF (37527)
97-131r1 Letter Ballot Comment Resolution on SSA-TL2 J. Scheible PDF (45266)
97-132r0 Letter Ballot Comment Resolution on SSA-S3P J. Scheible PDF (40607)
97-133r0 REQUEST ABORTED Response Status in SBP-2 P. Johansson PDF (28565)
97-134r1 Unsolicited Status Handshake in SBP-2 P. Johansson PDF (55106)
97-135r0 Minutes of SBP-2 Working Group - 2/12-13/97 P. McLean PDF (15260)
97-136r0 Task management event matrix P. Johansson PDF (105669)
97-137r0 Minutes of SPI-2 Working Group - 3/97 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (48796)
97-138r1 Minutes of SCSI Working Group - 3/97 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (76867)
97-139r1 Minutes of T10 Plenary Meeting #20 -- March 13, 1997 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (312953)
97-140r0 Additional Device Types for ASC/ASCQ G. Penokie PDF (23498)
97-141r3 Message Issues G. Penokie PDF (25184)
97-142r1 Reserve/Release Issues G. Penokie PDF (20454)
97-143r0 Digital Equipment Corp. SCAM Patent Disclosure C. Monia PDF (30569)
97-144r0 LVD Hot Plugging Results - 3/10/96 B. Ham PDF (3721260)
97-145r0 Presentation on SCSI Socket/SSL Services Keith W. Parker PDF (22029)
97-146r0 Presentation on LVD/Ultra-3 V. Bastiani PDF (1055623)
97-147r0 Minutes of SCC Working Group - 3/97 G. Penokie PDF (5679)
97-148r1 SMC Device Identification Eric Oetting PDF (32184)
97-149r0 Minutes of SBP-2 Working Group - 3/97 P. McLean PDF (15529)
97-150r0 Parallel SCSI Performance J. McGrath PDF (177080)
97-151r0 Status of SCSI Error Recovery C. Monia PDF (10160)
97-152r0 MMC-1 Public Review Comments Resolution R. Roberts PDF (34189)
97-153r0 Minutes of the MMC Working Group - 3/97 R. Roberts PDF (65067)
97-154r0 Minutes of SMC Working Group - 3/97 E. Oetting PDF (7004)
97-155r1 Tapes in FC PLDA D. Hagerman PDF (5918)
97-156r0 Proposed New SD3 Project Proposal Guide Kate McMillan PDF (36653)

Description Rev PL / Editor File Size
SCSI High Availability Profile (HAP) 04 Doug Hagerman PDF (104886)
SCSI-3 Multimedia Commands (MMC) 10 Ron Roberts PDF (935490)
Multi-Media Commands - 2 (MMC-2) AA Ron Roberts PDF (2010079)
SCSI Architecture Model - 2 (SAM-2) 02 Charles Monia PDF (338794)
Serial Bus Protocol 2 (SBP-2) 02c McLean/ Johansson PDF (552512)
SCSI Controller Commands-2 (SCC-2) 00 George Penokie PDF (894618)
SCSI-3 Medium Changer Commands (SMC) 07 Erich Oetting PDF (284030)
SCSI-3 Primary Commands (SPC) 11a Ralph Weber PDF (2938370)
SCSI Transport via SBP-2 (STS) 01 Peter Johansson PDF (172267)