1997 T10 Mailing #3

Announce Description File Type
and Size
jbl9703 Memorandum from the Chairman PDF (41728)
sy9703 Table of Contents PDF (n/a)
ann-m022 Next Meeting Notice PDF (291722)
ann-m023 Subsequent Meeting Notice PDF (31939)
map-m022 Meeting Map PDF (9891)

Description Author File Type
and Size
95-207r2 Project Proposal for SPI-2 Standard J. Lohmeyer PDF (50292)
97-016r0 Agenda for T10 Meeting #22 (July '97) J. Lohmeyer PDF (30472)
97-017r0 T10 Project Summary - May '97 J. Lohmeyer PDF (13307)
97-018r0 Jeopardy letter for May '97 meeting J. Lohmeyer PDF (67698)
97-020r2 Results of T10/97-015 Letter Ballot on forwarding SSC to 1PR J. Lohmeyer PDF (164188)
97-021r0 Letter forwarding SCSI World Wide Names description to IEEE J. Lohmeyer PDF (5046)
97-022r0 T10 Annual Report for 1996 J. Lohmeyer PDF (235313)
97-115r1 Report on SPI-2 Editing Session L. Lamers PDF (30020)
97-122r2 Addressing Model for SAM-2 G. Penokie PDF (57313)
97-158r2 SBP-2 Enhanced Page Tables J. Fuller PDF (32460)
97-159r0 FAST-40 Rebuttal D. Steele / F. Gasparik PDF (3352011)
97-160r1 Minutes of SPI-2 Working Group - 4/18/97 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (75403)
97-161r0 Minutes of the SBP-2 Working Group - 4/10/97 P. McLean PDF (13213)
97-162r0 Project proposal for command definition for mass storage on 1394 P. McLean PDF (11838)
97-163r0 STA Recommendations on Ultra-3 M. LoBue PDF (154929)
97-164r0 Presentation on Test Results for Ultra-3 V. Bastiani PDF (182223)
97-165r0 First Pulse Measurements W. Bridgewater PDF (202786)
97-166r0 Analysis of Data presented F. Gasperik PDF (1669603)
97-169r0 Simplified AC Model of the LVD SCSI Bus K. Gingerich PDF (8618)
97-170r1 Additional Device Types for ASC/ASCQs for SCC-2 G. Penokie PDF (24148)
97-171r0 Minutes of the SCC-2 working group - 5/96 G. Penokie PDF (4909)
97-172r0 Analysis of Driver/Reciever Response V. Bastiani PDF (48322)
97-175r1 Minutes of SPI working group - 05/97 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (66722)
97-176r1 Minutes of SCSI working group - 05/97 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (66601)
97-177r1 Minutes of T10 Plenary Meeting #21 -- May 8, 1997 Weber/Lohmeyer PDF (322758)
97-178r0 Presentation on Ultra-3 - 05/97 V. Bastiani PDF (191842)
97-180r0 Terminator Specifications P. Aloisi PDF (59630)
97-181r0 Presentation on LVD testing W. Bridgewater PDF (132293)
97-183r0 Persistent Reservation-What if the keys are not unique? Tom Coughlin PDF (55636)
97-184r0 Use of Class 2 for Fibre Channel Tapes Doug Hagerman PDF (47306)
97-185r0 SBP-2 Error senarios P. McLean PDF (38453)
97-186r1 Request for Interpretation - Multiple-byte fields C. Monia PDF (3439)
97-187r0 Error Recovery Policy Requirements for Command Queueing C. Monia PDF (3704)
97-188r0 Minutes of SSC/SMC Working Group - 5/97 Eric Oetting PDF (7425)
97-189r0 Class 3 Error Detection and Recovery Brian Smith PDF (63018)
97-190r0 Minutes of MMC-2 Working Group - 5/97 Rob Reisch PDF (119799)
97-191r1 Minutes of SBP-2 Working Group - 5/97 Pete McLean PDF (11377)
97-192r0 Login Query move Mike Bryan PDF (10461)
97-193r0 Login modifications Mike Bryan PDF (9128)

Description Rev PL / Editor File Size
SCSI Enhanced Parallel Interface (EPI) Technical Report 09 Bill Ham PDF (383904)
SCSI-3 Multimedia Commands (MMC) 10a Ron Roberts PDF (942631)
SCSI Architecture Model - 2 (SAM-2) 03 Ralph Weber PDF (389866)
SCSI Controller Commands-2 (SCC-2) 01 George Penokie PDF (913860)