X3T9.2 Documents (Proposals) Online

The X3T9.2 1986 documents are:

Description Author File Size Mailing
86-001R0 Minutes of X3T9.2 Meeting # 61, Coronado, CA, 10 Dec. 85 W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-002R0 Letter to W. Burr re: SCSI Sequential Access Cmd Set, Ver 2 Proposals J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-003R0 Ltr to J. Lohmeyer, re: tape issues, particularly Immediat Bit R. Weber Missing[ ]
86-004R0 Ltr to W. Burr, re: ' Error Recovery Parameters' M. Robinson Missing[ ]
86-005R0 Ltr to W. Burr, re: Suppress Illegal Length Indicator for tape R. Schultz Missing[ ]
86-006R1 X3T9.2 Annual Report for 1985 W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-007R0 Comments on 'SCSI-II' project proposal. T. Kurihara Missing[ ]
86-008R0 Unregistered X3 Pub. Rev. comment on SCSI, X3/86-181. P. Sandt Missing[ ]
86-009R0 Memo to Tape WG re: Fill Function for Copy R. Bolen Missing[ ]
86-010R0 ICL report on single-ended electrical concerns. S. Murray Missing[ ]
86-011R0 SCSI/PLUS (tm) Technical Specification AMPRO Missing[ ]
86-012R0 Ltr to W. Burr re: Single Ended Noise Margin. W. Homans Missing[ ]
86-013R0 Press Release re: Disk Drive Test Interface Standard X3B7.1 Missing[ ]
86-014R0 Ltr to W. Burr re: SCSI Icon. K. Kreitman Missing[ ]
86-015R0 Ltr to P. Sandt thanking her for editorial Pub Rev comment W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-016R0 X3T9 IR Report for 1985 P. Lannan Missing[ ]
86-017R0 Letter to L. Gronke, DIN, enclosing ISO dp for SCSI, 97/13 N 349 Rev. 2. W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-018R0 Minutes of X3T9.2 Meeting # 62, Clearwater, FL, 24-25 FEB 1986 W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-019R0 SCSI Tape Working Group Meeting Minutes J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-020R0 Proposed Common Command Set for WORM Devices M. Monen Missing[ ]
86-021R0 Letter to J. Lohmeyer enclosing SCSI unshielded connector drawings. C. Brill Missing[ ]
86-022R0 Memo to W. Burr, Subject:READ & WRITE BUFFER Proposal J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-023R0 Memo to CCS Working Group, re: Retry Count - Recovery Time Limit D. McIntyre Missing[ ]
86-024R0 Leter to X3T9.2 Chair re: Check Condition Status after Hard Reset W. Watson Missing[ ]
86-025R0 SCSI Icon with relative dimensions Apple Comp. Missing[ ]
86-026R1 Recorded Digital Magnetic Tape Standards A. Rocatti Missing[ ]
86-027R0 Letter to X3T9.2 Chair re: Offer to distribute documents I. D. Allan Missing[ ]
86-028R0 X3T9.2 Optical Memory Devices Working Group Proposal Sony Corp. Missing[ ]
86-029R2 Proposed SCSI Command Set for Scanner Devices DEST Corp. Missing[ ]
86-030R1 Minutes of X3T9.2 Meeting # 63, 14-15 APR 86, Scottsdale, AZ W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-031R0 List of Documents Related to SCSI-II W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-032R0 Ltr. to D. Shoemaker re: Approval of SCSI dpANS by X3 (42-0-0-1) C. Kachurik Missing[ ]
86-033R0 Ltr. to W. Burr with proposed commands for Direct Access loging R. Snively Missing[ ]
86-034R0 SCSI Contribution by ECMA to SC 13, ECMA/TC30/86/1, SC13 N374 ECMA/TC30 Missing[ ]
86-035R0 Small Computer system Interface, Standard ECMA-111 ECMA Missing[ ]
86-036R0 Ltr re: scanner WG mtg 8 MAY 86 in San Jose, enclosing X3T9.2/86-29 R2. J. Murphy Missing[ ]
86-037R0 Ltr to J. Lohmeyer re: Tape WG meeting on 20 MAR 1986 R. Weber Missing[ ]
86-038R0 Memo to SCSI Connector Review List re: Review of Non-Shielded Drawings J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-039R0 Ltr. to W. Burr, re: Mandatory Commands for SCSI-II R. Schultz Missing[ ]
86-040R0 Ltr. to J. Lohmeyer, re: Sense Codes for Sequential Drives R. Schultz Missing[ ]
86-041R0 SCSI-2 Tape Working Group Minutes, 8-9 May, 1986, Mountain View, CA. J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-042R0 Ltr to Connector Review List, re Revised Nonshielded Connector Drawing J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-043R0 Ltr to Trudy Goodman re Transmittal of X3.131-198X; SCSI C. Kachurik Missing[ ]
86-044R0 Ltr to W. Burr re: Scanner SCSI Interface K. Van de Poel Missing[ ]
86-045R0 Ltr to K. Van de Poel re: Scanner Command Set Plans W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-046R0 Small Computer System Interface, Version II Missing[ ]
86-047R0 Use of Field Pointer Bytes for Error Count Reporting J. Stai Missing[ ]
86-048R0 Ltr to Bill Burr re: Proposals for SCSI 2 D. Loski Missing[ ]
86-049R0 Ltr to W. Burr re: adding Read and Write Long commands to SCSI_II D. Moczarny Missing[ ]
86-050R0 A proposal for Modification to the ANSI X3T9.2 Specification for SCSI TI Missing[ ]
86-051R0 ANSI, ECMA and ISO Mediuym Type and Density Codes Differences J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-052R0 Initiator DISCONNECT Message proposal for SCSI-2 J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-053R0 Revised Drawing for Unshielded connector (replaces X3T9.2/86-38) J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-054R0 Proposed SCSI Logos A. England Missing[ ]
86-055R0 Minutes of Tape Working Group, 5-6 June 1986, Chicago, IL B. Barter Missing[ ]
86-056R0 Memo to X3T9.2 Members re: SCSI System Call Standardization R. Lehrbaum Missing[ ]
86-057R0 SCSI2 Tape Working Group DRAFT Document J. Semenak Missing[ ]
86-058R0 Ltr to K. Van de Poel re: SCSI Scanner Command Set W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-059R0 Proposed Command for WORM Optical Devices: SEARCH FOR EMPTY BLOCKS P. Boulay Missing[ ]
86-060R0 SCSI Logo Counter Proposal P. Boulay Missing[ ]
86-061R0 Project Proposal (SD-3) for Revision of IPI Physical Interface X3T9.3 Missing[ ]
86-062R0 Project Proposal for Enhanced Small Device Interface (ESDI) X3T9.3 Missing[ ]
86-063R0 Project Proposal (SD3) for Device Specific Command Set for Magnetic Tape X3T9.3 Missing[ ]
86-064R0 Minutes of X3T9.2 Meeting #64, 23-24 June 1986, Bellevue, WA W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-065R0 Press Release on SCSI Scanner Command Set W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-066R0 Ltr to W. Burr with enclosed working paper on changes for SCSI-II R. Schultz Missing[ ]
86-067R0 Memo to Bill Burr, re: Four Proposed Clarifications for SCSI-2. G. Houlder Missing[ ]
86-068R0 Proposed revision to SCSI Scanner Comand Set (X3T9.2/86-29 R4) H. Machado Missing[ ]
86-069R0 Ltr to Harvey Rosenfield, ANSI, enclosing edited copy opf X3.131-1986. J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-070R0 Ltr. to C. Kachurik, re: BSR approval of SCSI (X3/86-1253-X) A. Meola Missing[ ]
86-071R0 SCSI-2 Working group Meeting Minutes J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-072R0 Memo to: X3T9.2, Re: Sourcing Terminator Power and Related Safety Issues G. Pauli Missing[ ]
86-073R0 Memo to: X3T9.2, re: Proposed Changes to the Differential Termination Nat. Semi. Missing[ ]
86-074R0 Ltr to W. Burr, re: Read Long, Write Long and Write Same Commands D. Moczarny Missing[ ]
86-075R0 Ltr to W. Burr, re: Compatability between SCSI and SCSI-2. R. Snively Missing[ ]
86-076R0 Memo to X3T9.2, re: Defficiency in Reassign Blocks Command D. McIntyre Missing[ ]
86-077R0 Ltr to W. Burr enclosing proposal on Initiator Disconnect Message J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-078R0 Ltr to W. Burr enclosing Read Buffer/Write Buffer proposal for SCSI-2 J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-079R0 Ltr to W. Burr enclosing Inquiry Data Format Field proposal. J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-080R0 Memo to X3T9.2 re New Device Config. Param. for Sequential-Access D. Davies Missing[ ]
86-081R0 Memo to W. Burr, re: Proposals for SCSI-2. D. Loski Missing[ ]
86-082R0 Memo to W. Burr, re:Proposed Changes for SCSI-2(rev. of X3T9.2/86-67) G. Houlder Missing[ ]
86-083R0 Ltr to W. Burr, re:AGFA Comments on SCSI Scanformat. Van de Poel Missing[ ]
86-084R0 Ltr to Project Editors re: Uncompleted document revisions. L. Gronke Missing[ ]
86-085R0 Press release on revision of SCSI (scanners) X3 Sec. Missing[ ]
86-086R0 Federal Register Notice, 51FR28402, Proposing SCSI and IPI FIPS. W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-087R0 Memo to X3T9.2 WG, re: SUPPRES SYNCHRONOUS TRANSFER Message J. Eckelkamp Missing[ ]
86-088R0 Identity Page proposal. R. Weber Missing[ ]
86-089R0 Minutes of X3T9.2 Meeting # 65, Boulder, CO, 18-19 Aug. 1986. W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-090R0 Draft of Sections 1 through 5 of SCSI-2 R. Schultz Missing[ ]
86-091R0 September 1986 SCSI-2 Working Group Meeting Minutes J. Lohmeyer Missing[ ]
86-092R0 Ltr to W. Burr, re; G. Milligan Missing[ ]
86-093R0 Proposed SCSI Command Set for Scanner Devices Revision A 9/11/86 B. Driscoll Missing[ ]
86-094R0 Ltr to J. Lohmeyer re: Tape working Group SCSI-2 G. Stephens Missing[ ]
86-095R0 Ltr to W. Burr, re: SCSI version II Draft 8/30/86 Corrections. G. Stephens Missing[ ]
86-096R0 Ltr to W. Burr, re: Mode Select R. Snively Missing[ ]
86-097R0 Define Field Pointer Bytes for General Use J. Stai Missing[ ]
86-098R0 Asynchronous Event Notification Ideas P. Boulay Missing[ ]
86-099R0 Proposed Command for WORM and Optical Device Types P. Boulay Missing[ ]
86-100R0 Draft of Proposed SCSI Logo (see X3T9.2/86-60) W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-101R0 Ltr to W. Burr, re: Add Defect List Format to Reassign Blocks J. Siegle Missing[ ]
86-102R0 Coments on documents distributed in the Sept mailing. J. Stai Missing[ ]
86-103R0 Modification of SCSI Voh Vol (Differential) C. Lewis Missing[ ]
86-104R0 Supress Synchronous Transfer J. Eckelkamp Missing[ ]
86-105R0 Multiple Message Attention Condition G. Pauli Missing[ ]
86-106R0 Multiple Message Attention Condition, Revised G. Pauli Missing[ ]
86-107R0 Event Notification Protocol (supplement to X3t9.2/86-98) P. Boulay Missing[ ]
86-108R0 Minutes of X3T9.2 Meeting Number 66, 13 and 14 Oct 1986, Austin TX W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-109R0 Small Computer System Interface - 2 (SCSI-2) Too Many Missing[ ]
86-110R0 Ltr to W. Burr, re: standardization of additional sense bytes for SCSI-2 R. Schultz Missing[ ]
86-111R0 Ltr To W. Burr, re: Use of 'SCSI' as trademark. G. Floryance Missing[ ]
86-112R0 Call for Volunteers, Chair, X3T9.2, X3/86-1675-M S. Allen Missing[ ]
86-113R0 Call for Volunteers, Vice Chair, X3T9.2 S. Allen Missing[ ]
86-114R0 Ltr to V. Morgan, re: Copyright issues for SCSI-2. W. Burr Missing[ ]
86-115R0 Memo to X3T9.2 mbrs., re: Asynchronous Event Notification Revisited P. Boulay Missing[ ]
86-116R0 Ltr. to Bill burr, re: My Comments to SCSI2. D. Loski Missing[ ]
86-117R0 Proposal for a QIC120 Density Code J. Stai Missing[ ]
86-119R0 Memo to J. Lohmeyer, re: Flex. disk Mode select page. T. Johnson Missing[ ]
86-120R0 Memo to J. Lohmeyer, re: Printer Commands T. Johnson Missing[ ]
86-121R0 Memo to ANSI Committee X3T9.2, re: Wide SCSI S. Goldman Missing[ ]
86-122R0 Ltr to W. Burr, Comment on X3T9.2/86-99, Proposed WORM command set. R. Snively Missing[ ]
86-123R0 Memo to X3T9.2, re: Clarification to BUS FREE phase description G. Houlder Missing[ ]
86-124R0 Announcment of orginzational meeting of IEEE P1134, PC/AT BIOS C. Warren Missing[ ]
86-125R0 Memo to X3T9.2, re: Proposed changes to Message System for Synch Xfr. G. Pauli Missing[ ]
86-126R0 X3T9.2 SCSI-2 Printer Draft Proposal T. Johnson Missing[ ]
86-127R1.PDF Approved Minutes of X3T9.2 Meeting # 67, 8-9 DEC 1986, San Diego, CA. W. Burr 1750945[3/26/87]

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