X3T9.2 Task Group Documents (Proposals)

The X3T9.2 Task Group was the predecessor to the X3T10 Technical Committee (whose name was later shortened to just T10). Some of the X3T9.2 documents were submitted in electronic format and are available here. Many more X3T9.2 documents were only submitted in paper format and, as time permits, have been scanned and added to this archive. Some are lost to history. If you have any of these missing documents, please send them to the T10 Web Master to have them added to this archive.

Archive of X3T9.2 Documents:

1986 X3T9.2 Documents
1987 X3T9.2 Documents
1988 X3T9.2 Documents
1989 X3T9.2 Documents
1990 X3T9.2 Documents
1991 X3T9.2 Documents
1992 X3T9.2 Documents
1993 X3T9.2 Documents

X3T9.2 Document Numbers

The X3T9.2 Task Group maintained its internal documents by assigning them document numbers in the following format:



yy is the last two digits of the current year,
nnn is the nth document of the year, and
r is the revison number.

So the first revision of the 99th document in 1989 would be numbered: X3T9.2/89-099R0 and the file name would be: 89-099r0.xxx, where xxx identifies the file type (e.g., 'pdf' for Portable Data Format files).

The X3T9.2 document register from 1986 through 1993 is available here.

Archive of X3T9.2 Working Drafts

Some of the X3T9.2 working draft documents are available here in various formats (e.g., ASCII, WordStar (tm), Word Perfect (tm), and PDF). Almost all of these working drafts were prepared in the era when "cut-and-paste" literally meant cut out the paper image and paste it into the paper original. Consequently, the ASCII SCSI-1 working draft and most of the SCSI-2 working drafts are missing the images or they are in separate files.

None of the working drafts here are approved (official) standards. You can purchase SCSI-2 from ANSI (www.ansi.org) or from INCITS (www.incits.org). They know SCSI-2 as X3.131:1994[1999]. SCSI-1 is no longer available as it was superceded by SCSI-2. If you really need SCSI-1, contact the INCITS Secretariat (+1-202-737-8888) and ask for X3.131:1986.

Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)
{Status: Superseded, Project: 0375-M; Designation: X3.131:1986}
This was the original SCSI standard (X3.131:1986).

SCSI-2 Small Computer System Interface - 2 (SCSI-2)
{Date: 1993/09/07, Rev: 10L, Status: Published, Project: 0375-M, File: s2-r10l.pdf (6394357 bytes)}
SCSI-2 defines the second generation of the Small Computer System Interface.

The above link retrieves the final T10 committee draft. Please contact ANSI (+1-212-642-4900) and ask for X3.131:1994[1999] to purchase the official standard or technical report. You can also search for this document on the INCITS Standards Store. All T10 standards are available there for $18.00 in PDF format.

SCSI-2 Archives

The following links are to source files for old revisions of SCSI-2. They are provided "as is" without any technical support available.

Hints: Revisions 0 through 9 were prepared using WordStar (tm). The indexing was done with a program called StarIndx. The .SI files are the output from the StarIndx program. Revisions 10 through 10L were prepared using Word Perfect (tm) version 5.1. The figures were prepared using AutoSketch (tm) version 3.0. The .DXF files should be compatible with AutoCAD (tm).

SCSI-2 Rev 0
SCSI-2 Rev 1
SCSI-2 Rev 2
SCSI-2 Rev 3
SCSI-2 Rev 4
SCSI-2 Rev 5
SCSI-2 Rev 6
SCSI-2 Rev 6a
SCSI-2 Rev 7
SCSI-2 Rev 8
SCSI-2 Rev 9
SCSI-2 Rev 10
SCSI-2 Rev 10b  SCSI-2 Rev 10b (PDF 15413160 bytes)
SCSI-2 Rev 10c
SCSI-2 Rev 10d
SCSI-2 Rev 10e
SCSI-2 Rev 10f
SCSI-2 Rev 10g
SCSI-2 Rev 10h
SCSI-2 Rev 10i
SCSI-2 Rev 10j
SCSI-2 Rev 10k
SCSI-2 Rev 10L

SCSI-2 Figures

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